Introduction to ARKit (Video)

At the Melbourne Xamarin Meetup April 2019 Meetup, I gave a third (!) rendition of my talk from last year on ARKit - Apple's Augmented Reality (AR) - framework for mobile. You can see more about the original talk on my earlier post.

This time the meetup was streamed on Twitch, potentially signalling my transition from chatroom memer to full-time streamer (but probably not). It is also now published on YouTube, so you can watch it back at your leisure (~1h):

Again, I added a new demo to the the Earthbound-themed demo app to keep it fresh. This time we looked at 3D object detection. I found it a bit flakey and it didn't go perfectly during the talk, but with a bit of luck the next iteration of ARKit will improve it. The updated source is on Github, and a demo of this feature is here:

(Since there is no Ninten amiibo, I used the Xamarin monkey as a stand in - it was actually a lot better for object detection; amiibo may be a little too small).

Links for the slides are below.

Slides (42): PDF