Intro to Azure Mobile Engagement

At the Brisbane Azure User Group's November meetup, I gave a quick introduction to the Azure Mobile Engagement offering that recently went into GA. It was one a of a number of lightning talks given at the meetup, each aimed at summarising one of the sessions given at the AzureCon 2015 virtual conference last month. The overview covered:

  • What is Azure Mobile Engagement
  • How it works
  • Use cases
  • Wrap up / where next

Slides (24): PDF

The Brisbane Azure User Group is a great meetup to get to if you're doing anything in the Azure space, or just have an interest. The offerings on Azure are so vast and evolve so quickly that there is invariably something new to learn about each month. If you're in the area, I'd recommend you check it out!

* Credit to the AME guys for their existing videos (see the resources page at the end of the pack), from which I sourced images, screenshots and concepts for a number of the slides.